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Amal Beauty by Amal


Amal Beauty is an organic-based, high-quality Moroccan spa and skin care collection that is inspired by traditional beauty recipes and rituals from Morocco and adapted to fit into a modern lifestyle. The ranges is made with the best possible ingredients that nature has to offer and is based on simple and clean principals;

 - Preservative Free - Paraben Free - Fragrance Free - Toxin Free - Not Tested on Animals - Vegan - Recyclable - Sustainable

Amal Beauty products combine the wisdom of ancient Moroccan traditions with the knowledge of modern aromatherapy to treat your skin, awaken your senses while enabling you to discover the secrets and benefits of Moroccan natural cosmetics optimized by modern science. The certified organic and vegan ingredients are grown in an organic aromatic garden in Marrakesh; where a commitment to developing wholesome, natural, native Moroccan wellness products that respect the environment are made. Our duty also involves contributing to the sustainable and local Moroccan women’s socio-economic development of the region.

Wholesale / Professional Spa Inquiries

Interested in Selling Amal Beauty by Amal? 

We offer our Amal Beauty by Amal collection to in-store retailers and boutiques, as well as to spas, gyms, and health clubs etc. that wish to use our products.

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