About Amal

Right from an early age the eclecticism of the world’s tradition and custom was second nature to me. The richness, the colors, the smells, that opulent feeling of mystique you get from experiencing a world away from your own – that was innate to me. Even a trip around the corner was like steps through the streets of Paris or the bazaars of Morocco.
As I grew and my style matured and emerged, the heart of that young girl escaping into a world diverse in fashion, art and design, was still very much alive. I’d search for things that sparked creativity and would set the imagination on fire. It became a mission of mine to recreate this world, bringing those childhood feelings into my room, my home, my oasis.

This site brings to the table the harvest of my life’s passion for design, décor and beautiful things from around the world. This site helps transform empty living space into extravagance. It is the child’s eye in me taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. It unlocks the potential of all the elements of living and brings them together – home, bath, fashion and food – into one amazing place. This site is a product of imagination and creativity – of all the ideas I collected as a young girl. It is a palette of the world’s lavishness, the diversity of its culture. This is my calling. It is my offer back to the world for all the wealth it has shown me. This site is an extension of who I am and what I love to do.

I hope you like what you see, if you have any suggestions, please email us at,
amalsroom@gmail.com; we always look forward to hearing from you!


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